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Ballast Regulation
SSP 302

The Plasser SSP 302 ballast regulator satisfies the demanding requirements of ballast retrieval, redistribution and brooming in one pass and complements today’s continuous action single and multiple sleeper tamping machines.

Modular components, well proven on various SSP series machines, make the train-compatible SSP302 the ideal tool for tight radius curves on narrow gauge tracks:

  • The multiple orientation, mid-machine centre plough makes ploughing in, out and transferring to either side a simple operation.
  • Long-reach shoulder ploughs allow ballast recovery not otherwise possible.
  • The reversible, servo-controlled broom assembly provides flexible bi-directional sweeping performance.

Servo-controlled drive to both of the loaded axles ensures the maximum tractive effort in both work and travel modes.

Options Available:

  • Air conditioning
  • Offtracking
  • Two stage shoulder plough motions
  • Antilock braking system (ABS)
Technical Data
Overall length 17,600 mm
Height 3,485 mm
Width 2,420 mm
Wheel diameter 730 mm
Engine power 296 kW
Travel speed 80 km/h
Weight 36 t